Best Managing and Leading Posts in 2005


Christmas and new year is around the corner. One of our guest authors, Rosa Say is on holiday (She certainly deserve it!). Before the holiday, she has organised some good ideas and materials for me to write to fill up her Thursday column until 05 January 2006. How thoughtful.

Rosa has invited bloggers who write about management and leadership to contribute a post they feel representing their thoughts and beliefs. Contributors include our great guest author Adrian Savage, Dwayne Melancon; our respected blogger Bren from Slacker Manager and many more.

Hō‘ike‘ike, the first ever Hawaiian blog carnival on Management and Leadership for Talking Story.

‘Ike is the Hawaiian word for knowledge, and traditionally, the word Hō‘ike‘ike has been used in Hawai‘i to describe a display of wonderful things one can learn about, such as in a museum or art show. Our Ho‘ohana Community has always been a learning community, and I could think of no better way than this to celebrate 2005 as it comes to a close.

In the invitation I posted notice of here earlier this month, I had asked the bloggers of our Ho‘ohana Community to choose just one post from the writing they have done in 2005 as their contribution, a post they feel represents their mana‘o (their thoughts and beliefs) on either management or leadership. The result is a magnificent representation of the wealth of knowledge to be found within our Talking Story community…

Head to there to read all 28 articles selected by some great management bloggers.


Hō‘ike‘ike: Managing and Leading in 2005 – [Talking Story]

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