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Become a Power User

Many of our readers are online bookmarking users, as I see many of them have bookmarked the pages in for later reference. How to use effectively and be a power user? Blogger David Brunelle has some answers for you. He has couple of tips on storing and accessing your bookmarks, effective way to share your links, and how to find some good links:

1. Use Browser Buttons: Browser buttons are an easy, convenient way to bookmark a web site, or view your bookmarks. There are buttons for Internet Explorer, and a Firefox Extension.
2. Use IE’s Active Channel: If you’re an IE user, there is a Active Channel (What’s an active channel?) that creates an easy way to access your bookmarks through IE’s Favorites menu.
3. Use Tags Effectively: When applying tags to bookmarks, use tags that will be easy to interpret at a later point. However, be consistent (don’t use application, utility, app, and tool – decide on one and stick to it)

This article is useful in a way where you can discover couple of features that you may not use it before. If you have any tips on, comment it here or send it through tips at

Become a Power User – [David Brunelle: Geek for Life]

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