BBCalls - free telephone call with your BlackBerry


Through BlackBerryInsight, there is a program for BlackBerry called BBCalls which enable user to make phone calls using the Jajah service.

So how does it make your phone call free? Well, Jajah has a free call plan which allows you to:

…make free local and international phone calls. It applies to land line and mobile calls to and within: the United States; Canada; China; Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, and to landline calls to and within: Australia; UK; Germany; France, Italy and most other European nations.

It is good to couple with BlackBerry, and that gives me idea to use it on any cell phone that has web access!

Thanks Harton for the news!

BBCalls – FREE calls with your BlackBerry – [BBCalls via BlackBerryInsight]

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