We may aware the benefit of exercising regularly. Why do we still have a tendency not to exercise? Michael Gonzales wrote a ChangeThis Manifesto on this topic to identify and address different factors – mainly psyhological like time, motivation, and worthiness:

In order for you to begin prioritizing time to take care of yourself, it takes willingness to change. You may have the desire to change the structure of your time, but if there is no willingness, no change will occur. What is the difference between willingness and desire? Willingness is best described by an example. If you have ever smoked and tried to stop, this will hit home. If you have never smoked and therefore never tried to stop, it will still make sense to you because we all know someone who has tried to stop smoking. When a person wants to stop, they will typically do a variety of things. They will go for hypnosis, take pills, cut back, or, nowadays, try patches. None of these will work, the person continues to smoke. At some point they say to themselves, “I am no longer willing to smoke.” It is at that point that stopping is possible, but not until then. They have moved from wanting to willing, and change occurs.

Good piece of reading for your weekend.

ChangeThis Manifesto: Barriers to Health & Fitness – [Michael Gonzales]

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