How can it be easier to know what to follow-up on tasks we have delegated or waiting for reply? Michael Hyatt over Working Smart has suggested a way on handling this. He uses GTD method on creating an context called Waiting For. First he setup an free email address and set it forward back to his own email address, and then:

… Okay, you’re ready to go. Now, whenever you want to track an assignment that you are delegating via e-mail, just enter your “waitingfor” e-mail address in the BCC field. (Since most e-mail software packages sport an auto-fill feature, you can generally do this with a few keystrokes.) Now, send your e-mail. If everything is set up correctly, your e-mail will go out from your main account and you will receive back an e-mail from your new “waitingfor” account. Your email rule will automatically file it in your “Waiting For” folder…

For me, I haven’t thought of anything like this for my company email address, because it is the company policy of not forwarding any emails to external address.

What I did instead is setting up a shortcut keys to move emails to “Waiting For” folder whatever I need to follow up.

For thunderbird, you can use the label facility to achieve this as well.

Automated Email Follow-up

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