Reg Adkins, over at his blog Elemental Truths, provides a 12 question survey on assessing the level of stress. These kind of tests may not be totally accurate, but at least it will give you a rough indication and attention. On this stress level test, I have done it and got a score of 11:

Scores between 11 and 23 indicate your probably as adept at handling stress as the next person. You may occasionally feel overwhelmed but are usually able to work your with through it. It might be well for you to add some stress relievers (down time, exercise, FUN) into your life.

I usually see myself could handle stress pretty well and could settle down quickly, and it sounds the right assessment, even with a tight schedule project at work. But I definitely can use some exercise and fun time.

What about you? What is your score?

Assess Your Stress – [Elemental Truths]

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