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Ask the Readers: Cord Management

So I’m traveling a lot, and I realize that I’m carrying with me a million cords and cables. I have power cords for my cell phone, my video camera, my digital camera, my laptop. I have data cables for my microphone, my camera, my camcorder, my iPod, and I’m sure I’m missing something. Oh… two more power cords, and 1 more data cord. Grand total: 11 cables or cords are traveling in my little EMS backpack (I forget the model, but it’s smallish, black, and has lots of great pouches).

How do *you* tame these beasts? Have you run across a great way to manage a mountain of power and data cords for travel? I want (need!) to know.

–Chris Brogan, community developer for Network2 and Video On the Net.

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