Ask the group: Occasionally Slacking is the key towards Productivity?


Deborah Perelman at eWeek tells us this may be true because you never could step through 8 hours of work without taking any break. She argues that finding the balance, she calls it Slacker-Worker Equilibrium, will allow us to do work more efficiently.

Some managers disagree on this. They expect employees to work through the office hours. If they see employees sending IM messages to their friends, they freak out. In reality, if they care about the result, they should manage them by objectives. Deal only if they could not meet the objectives and goals. If they’ve done their job on time with good quality, then don’t complain.

As an associate or a manager in your organization, what do you think of this argument? Are you annoyed by the fact that you slack during the working hour? What is your equation of the “Slacker-Worker Equilibrium”?

Finding the Slacker-Worker Equilibrium – [eWeek via Techdirt]

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