Ask Readers: Easy ways to make life easier


An interesting topic that related to lifehack is finding ways to make life easier. A contributor in Ask MetaFilter takes it further – finding easy ways to make life easier. I like many suggestions in the post, like a comment from adamrice:

1. Have exactly one place for each of your everyday items, and never put them anywhere but that place. Wallet, phone, keys, bills, etc. You’ll have less clutter and spend less time looking for stuff.

2. Related to the above, bundle your projects. Any projects that you do around the house, whether it is bill-paying, cleaning, knitting, or whatever, should have its own box (or other container) so that you can grab that one box and get started, and then put everything away.

3. Get rid of stuff you don’t use. Be ruthless.

4. If you want to invest money in this project, you might be able to get rid of two or three things and replace them with one thing that fills all their functions. blue_beetle suggested this with electronics, but you can generalize it to furniture or other things as well.

5. I shop at Costco too, and I live in the central city. I make a run out there every six weeks, and mostly buy the same stuff each time—stuff that makes sense to buy in large quantities.

What are your easy ways to make your life easier?

Easy ways to make life easier – [Ask MetaFilter]

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