I’m just getting ready to do some backups of my system, and I was going to do a pile of DVDs as my backups, but then I realized just how much time that would take. Booooooring. So now I’m thinking that I’ll just go buy an external hard drive, shove everything over, and store it somewhere else.

And then it dawned on me: I know LOTS of people who stick their backups on a shelf a few feet away from the computer. I know others who consider their backup to be a copy of the most important files on the same computer they’ve backed up. In fact, I’ve heard all kinds of crazy thing about how people manage their backups.

Maybe my plan is crazy to you.

So why don’t you tell us. What’s YOUR backup method? How often? How do you do it? What’s your take on best practices? Do you password protect the files you back up, or are those okay for people to mount and steal?

Tell US the secrets (Give me the keys…)

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