Arm-Mounted Index Card Scabbard


This is so cool – make yourself a Gauntlet of Productivity:

Gauntlet of Productivity

David Seah has this outside-the-box idea of creating your own arm-mounted index card holder – which you can check your todos without searching in your pockets of moleskine. It doesn’t looks too nice on the outlook, but the idea and introduction is cool enough for geek like me who loves RPG:

By strapping on this GAUNTLET OF PRODUCTIVITY, I gain a +1 on focus and maybe a +1 on intelligence. I call it the “Nag-a-tronic”, but I think Index Card Scabbard is a little more general-purpose… What is the ICS? Compositionally, it’s the combination of an archery arm guard, a clear vinyl pocket protector, Super Sticky Post-It® notes and index cards. Functionally, it’s a sort of mini-desktop for those immediate to-do items, a place to keep bits of physical data handy for your reference. Strapped to the inside or outside of your forearm, it’s easy to look at while on-the-move, without getting in the way of your work.

Thanks Tony for the news!

Arm-Mounted Index Card Scabbard – [David Seah]

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