Are you procrastinating? Or are you just thinking?


Deane at Gadgetopia talks about his programming experience. He suggests that complex project like programming would require thinking – start coding straightaway and trying to avoid procrastination may not be a wise thing to do. He suggests sometimes sitting on project to let the brain think in the background may result a better outcome:

… I have a problem with procrastination. But I’ve learned that sometimes, I’m not procrastinating as much as I’m really thinking. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is start programming right away. Sometimes the best thing you can do is think about the problem — either actively, or just by letting it simmer on the back burner of your mind for a while. The way you’d start coding the thing two days from now, very well may be 100x different…

This is a good example where structured procrastination is good for the task.

Are you procrastinating? Or are you just thinking? – [Gadgetopia]

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