Yan Bezugliy at ProBargainHunter.com recommends an effective way to find clearance at Amazon. It is as easy as adding &pct-off=percent at the end of the amazon URL, where percent can be a number to get exact discount % (like &pct-off=60-), or a range (like &pct-off=50-70):

You can easily customize the link by changing the department (which is the number after “node=”) and/or discount percentage. Try these links for example:

  • Link to 60% off Office Products
  • Link to 85% off Electronics
  • Link to 70% off Apparel

Sounds easy to get some good deal at amazon? There are couple more quick tips in the article. Check’em out.

Amazon shopping tips and hacks – [ProBargainHunter.com]

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