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Make: Blog has done a tutorial on getting Audible content through podcasting. It is very useful for periodic content as you do not need to go to Audible and download it every once in a while.

Last week while I was at Gnomedex Audible announced that they’re supporting the podcast way of delivering some of their content, in other words you can add a url (RSS feed) to a podcasting application and the stuff you buy on Audible will get sent to your computer/music player just like all the free podcasts you subscribe to. The press covered this, but no one ever actually tries all this out, but I do! I like Audible, I’ve been a customer forever it seems. So here’s how it all works, the good, the bad and the how to for some other things…

Here are the collections of links and resources about Audible’s new podcast feature:

Audible does Podcasts – the complete guide (and HOW TO) – [Make: Blog]
Listen to any book FREE at Audible

– [Audible]

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