This Firefox extension enable you to small sidebar for accessing built-in Firefox sidebars feature includes: Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Extensions, Themes, DOM Inspector, JavaScript Console. It also supports different popular extensions into sidebar like CookieCuller, Translation Panel, Scrapbook, Sage and GrepSidebar. Quoting on the run down of features:

All-In-One Sidebar for Firefox


  • Open the following dialogs in the sidebar: Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Extensions, Themes, DOM Inspector, JavaScript Console
  • Toolbar buttons for all sidebars (customizing toolbar palette)
  • Dropdown menu in the sidebar header to access all installed sidebars (which means, that all sidebar extensions are supported)
  • Special Support for CookieCuller, Translation Panel, Scrapbook, Sage and GrepSidebar
  • New WebPanel sidebar – open a website in the Sidebar (with context menu entry)
  • Almost complete customizable toolbar – use the context menu of the toolbar. Please use Toolbar Enhancements if you need full customization for arranging buttons or add new buttons. Follow these steps to do this:
    • right click on a firefox toolbar and choose “Customize…”
    • create a new toolbar and call it AIOS
    • drag & drop the buttons of your choice onto the toolbar
    • open the context menu of the new toolbar and choose the options you like
    • after the restart of Firefox the original toolbar is replaced by the new one.
  • Show/hide the toolbar, the sidebar switch on the edge of the browser window, the sidebars menubutton and the sidebar close button – use the context menu of the sidebar header
  • Save last open sidebar (no problems with uninstall like in other extensions)
  • New features in Bookmarks & History sidebar
    • open/close all folders
    • a feature that causes other open bookmark and history folders to close themself, when you open a new one (same behavior as in MSIE, but it only works when you click on a folder name, not on the "+ signs")
  • New features of Downloads sidebar
    • slim downloads list
    • downloads counter in the sidebar header
    • grab embedded flash animations, movies, music, etc. (in the tools menu and with context menu entry)
  • New features of Extension/Themes sidebar
    • slim extension/themes list
    • alphabetically sorted extension/theme list
    • extensions/themes counter in the sidebar header
    • install new extensions (several at one time!)/themes
    • tools menu with links to download extensions/themes
  • New features of JavaScript Console sidebar
    • filter for the JavaScript Console to search within the messages
      (The filter is saved between sessions. There is also a list of up to ten permanent filters. To add a filter to that list, confirm it with [Enter]. Click with the right mouse button on an entry to remove it.
    • an option to toggle javascript strict warnings and the evaluate toolbar
    • new toolbar with the filter field, a delete button and a tools menu

Other Extra Features

  • Move up a level in site with the GoUp Button. Allow you to open a list of upper levels by clicking the dropmarker.
  • Makes the Stop and Reload button behave like a single one (as in Safari). When the user can stop, you get a Stop button, otherwise you get a Reload button.
  • Allow you to switch the Find Bar on or off with Ctrl-F shortcut (instead of having to manually close it).

Download All-In-One Sidebar – [All-In-One Sidebar Homepage via DownloadSquad]

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