Add some sparks to Online Calendar App: Google Calendar


Just between you and me, except the online calendar sharing feature, Google Calendar is a very traditional calendar software. It’s just a prove to say Google can develop a calendar software in a web based platform.

Anne Zelenka at Web Worker Daily proves otherwise. She suggests 18 ways to make it rock:

  • Add holidays, moon phases, sporting events, and other public calendars.
  • Customize your view.
  • See where you are right now on your calendar.
  • Turbocharge your quick add.
  • Add events without even being on the GCal page.
  • Receive event reminders and other notifications.
  • Have a daily agenda emailed or text-messaged to you.
  • Access your calendar while you’re on the road.
  • Or access your calendar from your IM client.
  • Learn the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add To Do lists to your calendar.
  • Get a bigger view of your calendar.
  • Share your free/busy information on your blog.
  • Synchronize with your desktop calendar(s).
  • Add events from GMail.
  • Display an agenda in GMail.
  • Add a popup agenda with notifier to your Firefox status bar.
  • View the weather forecast for your location.

39% out of 820 people so far voted they are still using paper as their todo list system. I would argue most of them prefer using paper based calendar planner, if they need one. If you are using a stand-alone app/paper based calendar planner, do these tweaks give you enough excuses to move to web based? If not, what are still lacked of?

Rock Your Google Calendar in 18 Ways – [Web Worker Daily]

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