Michael Sampson (we have interviewed Michael in our life hack podcast) has shared his productivity equation: C – I + R = P, where C is Clarity; I is Interruptions; R is Rested; and P of course is Productivity. He describes a great deal of his tips on interruption removal, which has some great advices:

Minimize visual distractions. I absolutely love buying and owning books, and sometimes I get the opportunity to read them. But I have to be careful where my books are located in the office in comparison with my working areas. If I could see them from where I sit and look, it would distract me immensely. It’s like the books call out to me for attention. That’s mighty distracting when a couple of hundred voices start singing in unison! Hence there’s off to the side where I can’t see them unless I intentionally look. Another visual distraction that I’ve sought to minimize is the number and variety of icons on my computer desktop. If there’s a lot of things stored temporarily there, again each calls out for attention. It is much better if they are put into a folder on the desktop, or in a folder somewhere else all together. The key idea is that anything that can introduce new visual cues that will break concentration should be intentionally minimized.

Usually when I am unproductive is the time where I am distracted by external force and elements. Visual distractions is a temptation. This is a good tips I need to keep in mind.

My Productivity Equation is C – I + R = P. What’s Yours?

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