Over Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching, Rosa has a good new toy for killing procrastination – Self-Inking Date Stamper. How does this work? When she handles a paper of paper (no matter if you are collecting, processing reviewing, delegating), she stamps it with the date stamper. With the date on the paper, when she procrastinates, come back and read the paper and try to process it again, it gives her incentive to rethink and realize her bad habit of procrastination:

… Having to see that line-up of dates on the number of times I have renegotiated a previous agreement with something has effectively killed my bad habits with procrastinating about doing stuff. If I just multiply the number of dates times 5 minutes, realizing the time I have lost in kidding myself about something creates BIG incentive with me for getting the dirty deed done once and for all…


Easy, Cheap Procrastination Killer – [Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching]

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