A positive side of mistakes


Curt Rosengren gives out a good advice on mistake. One obstacle that he identified si that many people fear of making a mistake. He recommends everyone should take a positive emotion to mistake, as it can be a wake-up call and identify what is actually happened. It can also act as a live lesson on the issue you are handling:

… Next time you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up for it. Celebrate the genius of your mistakes, and be thankful for the insight you’ve just been given. Learn from them and ask yourself, “How can I apply what I’ve just learned?”

You might even try keeping a mistake genius journal. Not a place for you to berate yourself for how many mistakes you make, but a place for you to actively learn from what has happened. Explore the mistake, explore what insights you’ve gained as a result, and summarize those insights into key points…

Well say.

The genius of mistakes – [The Occupational Adventure]

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