A model on debriefing


After a project has been completed by your team, sometimes it is hard to conduct post-project analysis, or debriefing to just analyze what happened, review the outcome and see what improvements are needed for next project. How to conduct a effective debrief meeting? Bert Webb over Open Loops has written a article based on the model of Air Force debriefing to set out a structure on how to conduct one effectively:

The ground rules ensure that everyone can speak up and say what needs to be said. They encourage dialog and put everyone on an even playing field. It is important to remember that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. If the weakest member outranks everyone else, these rules ensure that the dialog in the room is authentic. Although this is not a ground rule, I’ll add one more — it must be done as soon as possible while everyone’s memories are fresh and everyone is present; waiting for the next day is a waste of time. In the Air Force, the debriefing happens about 10 minutes after the mission.

Post-Project Analysis: A Strategy for Performance Improvement – [Open Loops]

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