A Dictionary of Useful Research Phrases


Looking for some quick references on how to sounds good in your research paper? Or don’t understand whata are the phrases there for? The follow page could help you, for you to refer on and make your research paper more professional, or help you understand what does the researcher really want to say. For instance:

Research Phrase: It has long been known…
Translation: I didn’t look up the original reference.

Reserach Phrase: It is clear that much additional work will be required before a complete understanding of the phenomenon occurs…
Translation: I don’t understand it.

Research Phrase: It is hoped that this study will stimulate further investigation in this field…
Translation: This is a lousy paper, but so are all the others on this miserable topic.

It is a fun piece to read, but I think I may find it useful as well.

A Dictionary of Useful Research Phrases – []

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