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A Black Belt GTD Setup

Michael Ramm has shared his setup on getting things done. I think this is a good start for anyone who just read Getting Things Done and want to get started on selecting the tools and the implementation. He uses Moleskine large 18-month Weekly Planner, DIYPlanner’s Combined Actions template in index card, and also using Evernote software for notes:

am finally ready to roll out my new trusted system. It has been a long time in development, but I feel that this will be a better implementation fo me. I am also committing to use it as described for the rest of 2006. I am one that is always looking for new, cool things to add to my system. I am going to take notes on things that are cool and re-evaluate them in January.

So, on with the system:

The centerpiece will be my new Moleskine Large 18-month Weekly Planner/Notebook. I will be using this as my Calendar and will keep my weekly to-dos, any waiting for’s, and and a current project list on the notebook pages. I am going to adopt the metatagging from both Bill Westerman’s system and Mike Rohdes’ system. I am going to use a icon to describe the state of the NA. I will use a square icon (like Westerman) for Professional actions, and a circle (like Rohde) for Personal actions. Then I will use the same check, slash, X, dot system that Westerman outlines in his article…

One of the good finds for me is the Evernote software. I guess this software itself worths to introduce in a separate post.

My Trusted System Redux – [Black Belt Productivity]

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