Run out of idea to save money? Maybe you should get some idea from the list that has 88 tips on how to save money. OSA Watch has compiled a huge list – there must be some items that suit your need:

If my previous posts about saving money weren’t enough for you, I’ve compiled a list of 88 ways to save money. Sure, some of these might seem obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded once in a while.

The items are in no particular order of importance, but might be grouped by themes. (Apologies for any possible duplicate or similar items. I did my best to edit.) I’ve linked some items to other websites, including pfblogs (personal finance blogs). By doing so, understand that I am not necessarily endorsing them , nor have I necessarily tried out the linked-to services or products. I have, however, read most of the articles linked to.

Upon reading the first few items, you might think that I have a vegetarian agenda. Not true. I am a former vegetarian (because of personal health reasons). But food costs can often be the type that goes out of control in the monthly budget, since many others are usually the same each month. As well, eating properly means preserving your health, which in turn means avoiding expensive medical and health bills in the future…

Many of them are related to food budget, as dining is probably one of the biggest sections in your expenses.

Who Else Wants To Save Money? 88 Tips, Tricks, Tutorials – [OSA Watch]

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