8 Life Hacks for Health, Wealth and Happiness


David Kadavy at has a short and sweet post on eight things that you should do, if you want to be more healthy wealthy and happy in your life. They seems like a very normal tips, but David found they have big impact to his health, wealth and happy with his life:

  • Walk
  • Smile
  • Drink Water
  • Buy Used
  • Underorganize
  • Live Small
  • Remember How Adaptable You Are
  • Don’t Make Lists of Rules – or Follow Them (They All End This Way)

Probably “underorganize” is one of the tips that I agree on. Being organized will probably help you on wealth (save you time), and decrease your stress (hence more happiness). I feel I am more happy when I am organized than I am disorganized.

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Eight Life Hacks for Health, Wealth, and Happiness – []

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