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8 habits of highly ineffective emailing

The Cranking Widgets Blog has a reminder article about 8 ways to use email ineffectively. The Cranking Widgets Blog sheds light on 8 common mistakes people make when sending email. I think we’re all guilty of making these mistakes at one point or another.

Saying Way More than is Necessary – This is one you won’t know the message has committed until at least a third of the way through it. If you find yourself thinking “for Pete’s sake, get to the point…” – you’ve got one of these messages. You see, many people like to treat email like a lazy Sunday afternoon conversation over mojitos – they drone on and on, giving you details and subplots that are only somewhat relevant (and decidedly unnecessary). If you’re a bit of a stickler like I am, these get round-filed with the quickness.

Straying Wildly from the Topic – When the email subject reads “TPS Report Cover Sheet Format” and half-way through you’re reading about Tom’s lunch plans or the new policy on chewing gum in the break room, you know you’ve found one of these jewels. If the author of the email can’t be bothered to formulate a coherent message, a pox on them and their message. Shift+Delete (bypasses the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in most email programs – use with caution).

Send an Email that’s Completely Unnecessary – These are probably my biggest pet peeve of all. Emails that consist of reciprocal greetings or acknowledgments that are just a waste of server space. For example, Ted emails me asking if I can send him the latest office phone list. I send it to him and 10 seconds later I get an email that contains nothing but “Thanks!”. While I understand he’s just being polite, that’s another message I have to read. (I know this may come off as somewhat prick-ish, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of email I get like this). Obviously, If Carl from Facilities donates the bone marrow that helps you beat that pesky cancer, a “thank you” is probably in order – in addition to some flowers or free yard work. Otherwise, just let me get back to work.

8 Habits of Highly Ineffective Emailing – [The Cranking Widgets Blog]

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