8 E-mail Mistakes that Make You Look Bad


No matter if you are in business or personal life, you need to deal with emails. Some people underestimate the importance of carefully dealing anything related with email. Making mistake in your email will definitely make you look bad and even kill off your credibility. Kim Komando has written an article on 8 email mistakes that you shouldn’t make:

  • Failing to follow e-mail etiquette.
  • Thinking you are anonymous.
  • Sending e-mail to the wrong person.
  • Using one e-mail address for everything.
  • Forgetting to check all of your e-mail accounts.
  • Clicking “Send” too fast.
  • Forgetting the attachment.
  • Using your ISP’s domain and not your own.

8 e-mail mistakes that make you look bad – [Microsoft Small Business Center]

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