Working from home is great, you could have more opportunities to be with your family, you can save time to commute etc. it may become a bit tricky where your work and life are mashed together. Dane Carlson from Business Opportunities Weblog has sent me a post on his tips on create a better environment and situation for your work and your family:

  • Create an office separate from the main living areas of the house and declare it off limits during working hours.
  • Invest in some quality headphones for quiet, heads down, work.
  • Maintain a good work schedule, and stick to it.
  • Train the children to go silent when Dad’s cellphone rings, but make sure your cellphone ringer is turned on.
  • Take a long lunch and enjoy your opportunity to work from home.
  • Ask your spouse to communicate with you via IM or email.

I like the sixth tip on asking your spouse or family to communicate through a more indirect channel. This is a less distraction compared to tapping on the shoulder. You can choose when to answer, so that it won’t interrupt your flow.

6 Tips for Working at Home With Children – [Business Opportunities Weblog]

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