6 Tips for Effective Discipline and Consequences for Parents


Letting your child to understand every moves and actions may cause reactions and consequences is important. First step is to giving them appropriate punishment and consequences for any rule breaking actions they have. Parenting Ideas has an article on 6 tips for effective and consequences – Related, Respectful, Reasonable, Strong, Swift, and Short-term:

… The first was designed by Stephen Glenn, the author of “How to Raise Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World.” It involves the three R’s of logical consequences: related, respectful and reasonable.

Related. Related simply means related to the behavior. If a child violates curfew, making him stay late at school or mow the lawn is not related. The temporary loss of the privilege of going out is related.

Respectful. We need to avoid two things here: The first is humiliating the teen-ager; the second is inconveniencing the adult.

Reasonable. “You are grounded for life and will never see the light of day again’’ is unreasonable. `”Your behavior and choices have caused you to lose the privilege of going out tomorrow night’’ is reasonable…

Parenting Your Teenager: 6 Tips for Effective Discipline and Consequences – [Parenting Ideas]

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