5 ways to stop being late

Whether by an overly optimistic schedule or an act of God, some of us are just always late. Penelope at Brazen Careerist has been experiencing the inability to stay on time and has found a few ways to get back on schedule.

1. Schedule the event into your calendar. I discovered I had enough on my schedule to last 48 hours a day. It would have been impossible for me to be on time for anything.

2. Practice saying what you need to say. Here’s a great thing to say: “Excuse me, I hate to cut you off, but I have an appointment.” It is hard to cut someone off, but they will respect you for sticking to a schedule.

3. Be a time pessimist. Assume everything will take a little longer than your first estimate.

4. Prioritize. Face the reality that you cannot get your whole list done. Figure out what’s most important and just get that done.

5. Be honest with yourself. Often, we are scared to make the decisions that we must make in order to get control over our time and become someone who runs on schedule. But there is no other way to run a life. To run on schedule is to plan the life you want to live and execute that plan.

5 Ways to stop being late – [BrazenCareerist]

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