5 Ways to make lecture notes more readable


Great tip for students, or note takers.

Have you ever dropped down your notes, but you completely couldn’t read your own writing? Well it happens to me. The Potential Blog spells out 5 quick ways to make your notes more readable. The post has some great points on using color, style of text, brackets, arrow, and of course making sure your handwriting is readable (duh).

Brackets: One of my favourite tricks is the use of square brackets ([ ]). If you get lost, bored or come up with an idea which could win you a Nobel Prize then stick it in square brackets. This works for stuff like “[I’m lost], “[NOTE: reread chapter 4]”, “[See lecture notes for quote]”, “[I don’t get this bit]”. This way your lecture notes will make more sense when you re-read them. This helps to avoid plagiarism too because you can clearly see which are your thoughts and which are others.

I will put the sixth tip onto the list.

6. List
List, or writing in point forms is the format of note taking. Write down only key points. Summarize the meaning into a shorter sentence. Digest and break up different concepts into separate points. Trust me, this format is easier to read.

5 Ways to make lecture notes more readable – [Potential Blog]

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