5 Steps of My To-Do Lists Revolution


Gleb Reys at his Personal Development Ideas Blog talks about his to-do list evolution. He talks about his original setup of his to-do list setup and how he transform his page-a-day setup to post-it setup. Good article:

… And that’s how I decided to get rid of to-do lists completely. Instead, I’ve got myself a 5-section A4 organizer, a started using the smallest post-it notes I could find to manage my tasks for the day. So one section of this organize would be used for all the tasks for the current day. Another section would be the one for the tasks for the whole current week. There’s also one for the month (where I temporarily put EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong to this week’s plan), and there’s the completed tasks section.

The main reason for switching to post-its is that I can accomplish all the things I did with to-do lists (like tracking tasks, marking the start dates and marking tasks as deferred or completed ones), PLUS I can MOMENTARILY get completed tasks out of the plan for today. If it sounds too simple for the best to-do list optimization trick, TRY IT yourself!…

5 Steps of My To-Do Lists Revolution – [Personal Development Ideas Blog]

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