4 Ways to Take Control of Your E-mail Inbox


Sally McGhee at Microsoft At Work suggests some quick tips on controlling your email inbox. She covers four ways: Set Up a Simple and Effective E-mail Reference System; Schedule Uninterrupted Time to Process and Organize E-Mail; Process One Item At a Time, Starting at the Top and Use the “Four D’s for Decision Making” Model.

Two things that catch my attention. The “Four D’s for Decision Making” Model is similar to GTD with actions like Delete it, Do it, Delegate it and Defer it. And there is a statistics on email that:

  • 50 percent can be deleted or filed
  • 30 percent can be delegated or completed in less than 2 minutes
  • 20 percent can be deferred to your Task List or Calendar to complete later

4 Ways to Take Control of Your E-mail Inbox – [Microsoft At Work]

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