Interesting. I found out today from a site that there are four ways to knot a tie. There are four-in-hand, the Windsor, the half-Winsdor, and the Pratt (Shelby) knot, and different ways of knoting suit different type of shirts:

… There are several standard ways to knot a tie: the Four-in-Hand knot; the Windsor (Double Windsor) knot, purportedly invented by the Duke of Windsor, though he later disclaimed the invention; the half-Windsor; and the Pratt (Shelby) knot, invented by Mr Jerry Pratt, who used to work for the United States Chamber of Commerce, Incidentally, if you ever hear this knot referred to as the Shelby knot, well it’s not quite true. Don Shelby featured it on TV, and in the time-honored tradition of TV, received all the acclaim instead of its true inventor. To be fair to Don Shelby, it was the New York City fashion stylists, rather than Shelby himself who misdubbed it…

Look like the four-in-hand is the easiest and that is what I knew since day-one of wearing tie, but the knot is usually small and narrow which sometimes does not look good for shirts. Windsor (Double Windsor) creates a wider and triangular knot which may suitable in some cases.

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