4 Productivity Secrets from Another GTD Book


There’s the well known Getting Things Done, by David Allen, and then there’s Edwin Bliss’s Getting Things Done: The ABCs of Time Management.

The latter is definitely less reveired. However, LiveClever digs up a few goodies from this 1976 guidebook.

1. Parkinson’s Law

“Professor Parkinson was right: work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

“The only way to overcome this is to work Parkinson’s principle in reverse—set a deadline for each task and hold to that deadline”

2. Eat lunch later

“A practice that many people find useful is to postpone lunch until 1pm or later, using the noon hour for work. In most offices, phone calls and other interruptions are less likely then.”

3. Protect your prime time

“Most of your work gets done in only a portion of your working day, the time we might designate prime time.

4. Read selectively, not faster

“It is difficult to resist the lure of reading, especially when there is something less pleasant that you should be doing. Keep in mind these words of British critic F. L. Lucas: ‘It is mere common sense never to undertake a piece of work, or read a book, without asking, ‘Is it worth the amount of life it will cost?’”

4 productivity secrets from the other Getting Things Done book – [LifeClever]

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