Find your dream job in 33 days! Kevin Donlin at has created 33 exercises for 33 days on interview tips to target, network, interview and get hired for the job of your dreams. Starting from day one you will be choosing your favorite skills, to preparing resume, search for job, ready for the interview, and how to handle reject:

One woman interviewed very well for a position, but still got a letter of rejection. She wrote a gracious reply, thanking the company for their time and restating her strong desire to join their team.

Later, the top contender for the position had to relocate on short notice. The hiring panel remembered the letter they got from the really eager and pleasant woman who replied to their rejection letter. They gave the job to her.

So, even if the job you want goes to someone else, stay in touch with the hiring manager while you look for other positions. You just might get hired down the road if you do!

There are two ways to stay in touch: By e-mail and in person.

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