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254 Uses for Vinegar

I don’t know if I ever wanted to know so many uses for one product, but it appears there is one thing your pantry should be stocked with. It’s vinegar and it’s a growing discussion at Frugal Living, over at, which might go on forever.

  • A quarter cup in a quart of water makes a good window cleaner. A reader adds: When you use vinegar in your water to wash windows, dry with newspapers. Your windows will sparkle!
  • This was given to me by a chiropractor who checked my urine and told me it was “gunky.” Drink 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water once a day for 5 days. It works.
  • For a cough that will not stop, make a remedy my brother and I always called Witches Brew. This was from my Great Grandmother.
    * Mix 1 Tbs Butter
    * 1 Tbs Sugar
    * 1 Tbs Vinegar
    Melt it all together, and take while still warm

If you get through all of those and still have a few to add, submit them over there or let us know over here.

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