It is now up to the three years mark of the phrase lifehack. Google search has over 12,800,000 results on the "lifehacks". The post number at blog and wiki have exceeded 2,000 posts. They are keep growing. The reason? Life is short. We thirst for getting more out of our life. 24 hours a day is not enough, but unfortunately it is a fixed resource for everyone. The only variable is how to use your hours effectively and efficiently.

The topics of Lifehack spread across into different areas in 2006. Compared to 2005, which was focused into personal information manager (PIM) and getting things done (GTD) method, we now worry different part of our life. How to communicate my ideas? I am ultra productive now, but should I invest time into my health as well? How to be creative? Should I have a better workflow online and offline? Do computer and software help my work, or they kill my productivity?

Many of those questions raised during 2006. Take a look at the previous post, 2006 LifeHack Review: Best 50 hacks for your Life, you will have a lot of these questions answered. Wish you have a productive new year.

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