20 Ways to Stick to Your Workout


Many times weight-loss program fails because people lost motivation and give up. In modern days, people lost motivation on doing regular exercises. A study showed that there are only 19% of the population who do regular workout every week. Solution? Keep and spike your motivation on workout. Men’s Health Online has 20 tips that helps you stick with your workout plan:

  • Sign up for a distant race
  • Make a ‘friendly’ bet
  • Tie exercise to your health
  • Switch your training partners
  • Compete
  • Think about fat
  • Do a daily gut check
  • Join a fitness message board
  • Strike an agreement with your wife and kids
  • Burn a workout CD
  • Plan your workouts in advance
  • Squat first
  • Schedule a body-composition test every 2 months
  • Don’t do what you hate
  • Go through the motions
  • Start a streak
  • Make your goals attractive
  • See your body through her eyes
  • Buy a year’s worth of protein
  • Blackmail yourself

20 Ways to Stick to Your Workout – [Men’s Health]

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