20 of the all-time best hints for making household repairs


Al Carrell has a list of quick tips that you can use when you do your repair project for your house. It has tips for doors, windows, floors, and ceilings. Here is a taste for some doors repair tips:

An Easy Way to Sand
If a door is dragging on the floor or threshold–making
scraping sounds-place sandpaper on top of a stack of magazines and
position the pile under the door. (Use enough magazines so that the
door hits the sandpaper.) Then work the door back and forth over
the abrasive

Dripless Lube Job
Use petroleum jelly instead of oil on door hinges. That way
you don’t have to worry about oil dripping on the carpet.

Lube Locks the “Write” Way
First, transfer graphite from a soft lead pencil to a key by
rubbing the pencil over the key as if you were coloring it. Then
put the key in the lock and move it in and out several times. Also
turn the key back and forth. Your lock will love it.

Stubborn Hinge Pin
To remove a hinge pin from a door, insert a nail into the hole
at the bottom of the barrel and then drive the pin upward.

20 of the all-time best hints for making household repairs – [Al Carrell]

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