20 Book Reviews - The Love Affair with Books


Our friend Rosa Say has organized an blogging event called 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books which is a effort of gather some great bloggers to review different books – to share their view and knowledge on the books. All the books are related to the business, management, leadership, and self-development – and trust me, they are great collections. In addition to this event, Rosa also has organized a surprise for Chaminade University:

… I will be purchasing a dozen of the books reviewed for the library of the Hogan Entrepreneurs at Chaminade University. The books will be my surprise gift to them from our Ho‘ohana Community when I next speak for their class in April. Every student will receive a booklet containing printed copies of all your reviews, produced (with your permission) by my publishing company, Ho‘ohana Publishing. These students represent our future hope for business, and your words can inspire and mentor them…

What a great thought!

Our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books – [Talking Story]

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