17 Things Every Freelancer Should Know


Megan Jeffery shares what she has learned over past 17 years as a freelance illustrator. This is truely a valuable piece as they will save you a lot of time on trial and error and find out what are the best way to deal with projects and customers. Here are the summary:

  • Do Not Miss Deadlines
  • Keep Records
  • Say “Thank you!”
  • Remember That Telephone Manners/Attitude Are Important
  • Get Health Insurance
  • Get a Retirement Plan and Contribute Regularly
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Work Schedule
  • Scheduling Time-Off/Vacations
  • Managing Stress
  • Dealing With People’s Questions
  • During Times of No Work
  • Support System
  • Don’t Be Under the Misguided Notion that an Agent Will Work Magic For You
  • Don’t Be Too Proud to Call
  • Keep Yourself Creative

Freelance Anniversary – [beetlegrass]

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