15 Popular 2007 Resolutions


Since today is the 1st day of 2007, I’ve surfed to 43things to find out what are people’s resolutions for 2007. All I can say it is quite interesting. Take a look:

1. lose weight 16909 people
2. stop procrastinating 13499 people
3. Fall in love 11402 people
4. be happy 10164 people
5. Get a tattoo 8937 people
6. drink more water 8667 people
7. get married 8509 people
8. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 8420 people
9. Take more pictures 7420 people
10. Learn Spanish 7087 people
11. Save money 6477 people
12. Make new friends 6096 people
13. Buy a House 6013 people
14. Read more books 5691 people
15. get out of debt 5050 people

Let me translate those into categories:

Productivity (Procrastination) is one of the worrying matters for many people. And yes, all of those topics are discussed here. What are your worries? Have you set a new year resolution for them?

2007 Resolution Tags – [43 Things]

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