14 Presentation Tips


Craig S. Kaplan has saved his notes on Edward Tufte’s seminar which talks about presentation. He wrote down 14 Presentation Tips which really make sense to deliver a good presentation:

  • Show up early
  • Have a strong opening
  • Use PGP (Particular, General, Particular) with every subtopic
  • Give everyone at least one piece of paper
  • Know your audience
  • Rethink the overhead
  • The audience is sacred
  • Humour is good
  • Avoid masculine (or even feminine!) pronouns as universals
  • Take care with questions
  • Let people know you believe your material
  • Finish early
  • Practice
  • Drink lots of water

The tips on PGP is pretty well done. Edward suggests that subtopic usually contains general information, but one should try to use particular material such as examples to brace the subtopic. This will give more retention and attention to the topic.

Presentation Tips – [The Craig Web Experience]

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