13 Steps to Profitable Auctions in eBay


Get Rich Slowly blog has a post on how to create an eBay auctions that has more money and bids than auctions with similar items. There are tips (13 of them!) on taking care of item title, description, what services should you offer etc:

5. Offer free shipping and delivery confirmation. You could charge for these, but free shipping builds goodwill. Delivery confirmation gives you peace of mind. Free insurance is of dubious value; I sometimes offer it, but generally only on expensive items. You might offer it as a customer-paid option.
6. Offer a money-back guarantee, but only for when the item is not as described. (Not for when a person changes his mind or makes a mistake.)
7. Craft your auction title with care. For example, I recently sold a book entitled The Hidden Game of Baseball by John Thorn and Pete Palmer. I could have put all that into my auction title, but it would have been a waste. My title was geared toward keywords that I believed interested buyers would use: HIDDEN GAME OF BASEBALL Thorn Palmer SABR Bill James. Bill James had nothing to do with the book, but fans of Bill James would be likely to purchase it. You want many people to see your items in their search results.

So next time when you are going to create an auction in eBay, it doesn’t hurt to try some of the suggestions.

My eBay Method: 13 Steps to Profitable Auctions – [Get Rich Slowly]

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