Many of us worry about privacy or personal data – if you do, you should spend a bit efforts to protect them. A blog called ICWT: In Corruption We Trust introduces 13 ways to protect your privacy. They are painless and easy to perform and could effectively protect your privacy. Take several and implement them:

  • Don’t Use Your Middle Initial.
  • Get a Non-Published Telephone Number.
  • Get a P.O. Box and Use It.
  • Print Only Your Name and Address on Checks.
  • Disable the RFID Chip in Your Passport.
  • Buy Your Stamps and Mail Your Packages at the Counter.
  • Use Prepaid Calling Cards.
  • Avoid Filing Change of Address Orders with USPS.
  • Safeguard Personal Information Online.
  • Call the OneCall OptOut Number.
  • Use Private Phone to Protect Privacy in Online Auctions.
  • OptOut of the Databases of Many Online Data Vendors.

Do you have other ways to safeguard your privacy?

13 Easy Ways to Safeguard Your Privacy in 2007 – [ICWT]

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