12 Rules for Marriage


Marriage sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. It requires a lot of efforts but the rewards are great. It is good to hear some experience from people. Glenn McDonald shares his 12 advices which he gave to his sister as part of her wedding ceremony. I enjoy reading this piece of article, as it gives some insights on what to expect, issues and some solutions, and there aren’t many articles on marriage within the lifehack realm. Couple snippet of advices:

2. Be the guardians of each other’s solitudes. Not only do you need to give each other space, you need to make each other space.

3. No difficult conversations after 10pm. Not only is it harder to solve problems when you’re tired, but at least half the time being tired is the problem.

4. The Dutch principle of Total Soccer means that any player can attack when there is an opportunity, and any player can defend when there is a need. In Total Marriage you only have two players, so this is even more important. Both of you should be able to do everything your team needs. You’ll have your preferences and strengths and habits, but if one of you goes down, the other one has to be able to cover.

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