12 Keys To Winning an Argument


Aguments are an all too common part of life. They should be avoided if possible. But, if you can’t avoid them you may as well win.

Here’s how.

  • Never Accuse your opponent of being wrong.
  • If you realize you made a mistake admit it immediately.
  • Be pleasant.
  • Get your opponent saying “yes” It is a proven technique.
  • Let them talk. “Enough rope,” “digging a hole” all that.
  • Be receptive. We’ve already established we could be wrong.
  • Make it their idea.
  • Play on their wants.
  • Plea for righteousness. Every body wants “whats right.’
  • Back it up. If you’ve got data, use it.
  • Issue a challenge. Men especially will fall for this.
  • Be a Cool Hand Luke. Aguments can get emotional. It is to your advantage to be the calm rational one.

There you have it, now play nice.

Reg Adkins writes on behavior and the human experience at (

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