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11 Ways To Sleep Better

Sometimes, we may not sleeping well, even if we never suffer from insomnia before. Good sleep does affect our productivity during day time, so as a hacker we should look into ways to sleep better. Ririan gathers 11 ways to have a better sleep at night:

  • Create A Sleep-Conducive Environment
  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Have A Bedtime Schedule
  • Keep Bed A Place For Sleep
  • Warm Milk Or Herbal Tea
  • Relaxation: Massage, Warm Bath, Meditation
  • Have A “Going To Bed” Ritual
  • Don’t Nap During The Day
  • Don’t Eat Before Sleep
  • Medication

11 Ways To Sleep Better – [Ririan Project]

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