11 ways to backup your bookmarks


It is always good to backup your stuff – especially to find some ways to backup your online bookmarks, because there aren’t any ways to retrieve it if the service is down, or gone. Backup has 11 ways to backup your bookmarks, such as:

  • Export to HTML format
  • Export to XML format
  • Direct website-to-website bookmarks copy
  • Automatic Backup at RawSugar
  • Spurl automatically updates
  • Synch and Firefox bookmarks
  • Save to an Excel Sheet
  • Backup to your GMAIL account
  • Backup/Mirror to MySQL database
  • Backup with Ruby on Rails
  • Start Using a Multi-Bookmarking Tool

Some of them are links to other article or software, but nonetheless he has good collection of ways to backup our bookmarks.

11 ways to backup your bookmarks – [Backup]

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