11 steps to a better brain


Everyone want to be smart (including me), but is it just born with it? Am one cannot improve the brain once passing the learning ages? New Scientist has come up with some tricks, habits, lifestyle and techniques that help you improves your brain cells.

  • Smart drugs: Does getting old have to mean worsening memory, slower reactions and fuzzy thinking?
  • Food for thought: You are what you eat, and that includes your brain. So what is the ultimate mastermind diet?
  • The Mozart effect: Music may tune up your thinking, but you can’t just crank up the volume and expect to become a genius
  • Bionic brains: If training and tricks seem too much like hard work, some technological short cuts can boost brain function
  • Gainful employment: Put your mind to work in the right way and it could repay you with an impressive bonus
  • Memory marvels: Mind like a sieve? Don’t worry. The difference between mere mortals and memory champs is more method than mental capacity
  • Sleep on it: Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest
  • Body and mind: Physical exercise can boost brain as well as brawn
  • Nuns on a run: If you don’t want senility to interfere with your old age, perhaps you should seek some sisterly guidance
  • Attention seeking: You can be smart, well-read, creative and knowledgeable, but none of it is any use if your mind isn’t on the job
  • Positive feedback: Thought control is easier than you might imagine

Not many of those points can be feasible for everyone – like I wouldn’t recommend taking drugs or getting electronic device for your brain. However other tips are positive and should help well.


11 steps to a better brain – [New Scientist]

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